Math 10350 and 10360: Calculus A and B


Prof. Arthur Lim has provided information and examples about some of the basic mathematical skills you should already have before taking Math 10350. You can work through this material to test yourself and refresh your skills.

Work through the "Test Yourself" quiz and check your work against the given solution. You should be able to read the solution with confidence and understanding.

Test Yourself Algebra Quiz: This is a 45 minute quiz for algebra skills.

Check your answers aganist the solution. Work through the quiz without a calculator or notes.

Here's a list of Algebra Rules.

If you identify specific difficulties in taking this test, Prof. Lim has provided additional quizzes and video tutorials for you on six topics:

1.  Law of Exponents

2.  Simplifying Rational Expressions

3.  Factoring and Dividing Polynomials

4.  Completing the Square

5.  Surds and their Conjugates

6.  Logarithm Functions