The Notre Dame Mathematics Examination Program

Mathematics Examination

The mathematics credit examinations will be given beginning at 9 a.m. on the Friday of Welcome Weekend. You must register to reserve a space to take this exam.

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The deadline to register is June 30.

Examinations in the Notre Dame Mathematics Credit Examination Program include examinations for several levels of calculus: Elements of Calculus (MATH 10250 for students inclined toward Arts and Letters, Business and Architecture) and Calculus I, II and III (the MATH 10550-10560-20550 sequence for students inclined toward Engineering and Science). In addition, we offer an examination for ACMS 10145 (Statistics for the Colleges of Business and Arts and Letters). The examinations will be based on college-level course. Students who receive credit through the Advanced Placement Program or the International Baccalaureate Program should not request to take the mathematics examination at Notre Dame.

Click here for more information about math courses and exams, including practice exams and solutions.