MATH 10550 Diagnostic Test

For students entering the University of Notre Dame in Fall 2014

Please read this information carefully and complete the test, if required, before completing your Course Selection Form

The online MATH 10550 Diagnostic Test is required for the following students even if they have previous experience in calculus:

  • Students considering a major in any of these programs:
  • All College of Engineering majors
  •  College of Science majors in biochemistry (BCHM), chemistry (CHEM), mathematics (MATH), applied and computational mathematics and statistics (ACMS), statistics (STATS), or physics (PHYS)
  • Students of any college and major considering taking MATH 10550, 10560, or any higher level math course (20000 level courses or above) or any ACMS course above 10145.

If either of these two categories applies to you, you must take this test, even if you have taken an AP or IB exam in calculus (any level).  If you will be taking MATH 10350 to satisfy your math requirement, you are NOT required to take the test.

If you are required to take this diagnostic test, you must take it no later than June 23, also the deadline for completing the Course Selection Form.  Your First Year advisor cannot complete your schedule until you have taken it.

If you don’t have Internet access, please contact the First Year of Studies at 574-631-7421.

How to access the MATH 10550 Diagnostic Test

You may start the exam by clicking this link.

You will need the following information to log into the MATH 10550 Diagnostic Test:
Username: Your Notre Dame NetID (e.g., jsmith3)
Institution: ND
Password: goirish
Important reminder:  You must take the Practice Exam before beginning the Diagnostic Exam.

Questions?  Read the MATH 10550 Diagnostic Test Frequently Asked Questions.