>First Year Mathematics

Notre Dame's first-year math requirement is a critical component of a sound liberal arts education. Not only is mathematics a cornerstone of our civilization, it is an aesthetic endeavor worthy of our appreciation and a proving ground for critical thinking. Today, every career uses some sort of math and the ability to simplify and solve complex situations using mathematics is a sought-after skill — a solid understanding of math is a competitive edge.

Math 10350 and 10360: Calculus A and B

This two-semester sequence is primarily for students in science programs that require a one-year terminal course in calculus, e.g. biology sciences, Arts and Letters Pre-Health, Science Preprofessional, Science-Business, or Science-Education.

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MATH 10550 and 10560: Calculus I and II

This course is accepted by all colleges to fulfill the math requirement.  Students intending to major in the College of Science or the College of Engineering should take this course sequence (see MATH 10350 and 10360 for exceptions).

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